How to create your own ringtones for your iPhone?


[adsense_id=5] If you ever use any handphone or cellphone besides iPhone, either it is a Nokia Symbian Phone, Android Phone, Windows Mobile phone or others, then you definitely know how easy it is to assign an MP3 file as a ringtone. Once you migrated to using an iPhone, you will realized that there is now […]

Increase Spiritual Consciousness using ‘Lift Me Up’ Apps


  [adsense_id=5] I know that all of us really ‘love’ our smartphone but do you realized that that engaging too much with your gadgets may draw away ourselves from remembrance of Allah, our creator. Well then, now there is an Apps for us to be more in Zikr (remembrance) to Allah with our iPhone. The developer, & […]

Tablets who visited my website

Screen Shot 2012-04-22 at 5.14.17 PM

[adsense_id=”5″]   I was doing some analysis through Google Analytics on the visits I received through my website when I decide to check who are visiting website or specifically that type of device visited my website. Interestingly, iPad is the highest among all on device followed by iPhones and several Samsung Phones and Tabs. Check […]

Google Chrome for Android 4.0 Devices


[adsense_id=”5″] If you’re favorite browser on you computer is Google Chrome, you might want to check it Google Chrome (beta) for your Android Phones or Tablet. It was introduced on 7th February early this year. However, this Google Chrome will be only available and running on Android latest OS, Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). If you […]

Save data plans using MiFi (My Wi-Fi)

Your household wifi devices

[adsense_id=”5″]   Nowadays, besides having a smartphones, most people will have more than two internet devices such as iPad, iPod Touch, laptops, Android Tablets which use internet very much. Normally at home you’ll be using your internet wifi, while if you’re away you smartphones and iPad will need 3G/HSDPA internet data connection in order to […]

IQRA’ – (cara cepat belajar membaca Al-Quran) on iPad & Android Tablet


(Warning: This is article does not intend to promote piracy. Please consider to buy the original hardcopy Iqra’ book or the VCD version for your kids. This article is intended to make easy for you usually during travel or during absence of the book for whatever reason) [adsense_id=”3″] Some of us might already have this hardcopy of […]

How to Setup your new iPad for newbies.


[adsense_id=”5″] I know the new iPad is here (but not yet in Malaysia), but this guide should be applicable for iPad 2 and new iPad (3rd Generation). If you got an iPad 2 as a gift, but don’t know what to do next, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you got an iPad 2 […]