How to make you Macbook Pro (OS X) or Notebook PC (Win 7) as Wifi Hotspot


Have you came across this situation before? You arrived at a hotel expecting free wifi in the room to connect all your devices. However what you got in that hotel room is only a LAN/Ethernet cable that can connect to a single laptop while you wife is also bringing another laptop and your kids is having a wifi only device such as iPad or iPod Touch. So how would you get internet connection for all these devices.

For this tutorial, I will explain the methods for both Mac or PC laptops.

Macbook Pro

1. First of all, connect your Macbook Pro (MBP) /Macbook to the ethernet cable and do all the necessary settings to make the internet works for that MBP.

2. Once you’re connected to the internet, go to ‘System Preferences’.


System Pref.

3. Now select ‘Sharing’ in the system preferences.



4.  Select Internet Sharing from the list of Services.

From the Drop down menu, select the Interface which is connected to the Internet source and from the list below it, select the interface which you want to share with the other computers. In my case, that was the Ethernet and the Airport (WiFi), respectively.

5. Final step is to create an adhoc network which the other computers can connect to.

Click on Airport Options.

OS X will then prompt you to type in a name for the new network.

Unless you want all the freeloaders in the neighborhood to piggyback on your network, I’d suggest that you select the Enable Encryption option and provide a password for the network.

That’ all there is to it. Click Ok and OS X will enable Internet Sharing on your Mac, from the Ethernet to the Airport Interface.

The only thing left now is to search for a new networks in all the other computers or devices that you want to connect, and our adhoc network should show up in the list. Select and join this network.

All the client machines should now be able to browse the Internet as if they’re directly connected to the Internet over WiFi.

Notebook (Windows 7)

1. First of all, connect your notebook PC to the ethernet cable and do all the necessary settings to make the internet works for your notebook.

2. You’ll want to start out by heading into the Network and Sharing Center through the Control Panel, or you can quickly get to it by right-clicking on the network icon in the system tray. Once you are there, find the link for “Set up a new connection or network”.

3. You’ll be prompted with a wizard that allows you to connect to VPNs, dial-up, or create a new ad hoc wireless network, which is what we want to do. You can easily use an ad hoc network to share files back and forth between two computers, but today we’ll be using it for sharing the internet connection.


4. You’ll need to give your network a name and choose some security options—remember that WEP is extremely easy to crack—and you’ll want to make sure to use at least a decent sized key even for WPA2. The really important option on this page is to remember to check the box for “Save this network”.


5. At this point your ad hoc network should be running and ready to start connecting your devices, but you’ll want to hold off just a minute.

You’ll notice that the ad hoc networks that you create get added to the quick-select wireless network list—when you disconnect from your ad hoc network, it’s the same as stopping it. Connecting to the network is the same as starting it back up; this way you can quickly switch back and forth between connections with just a few clicks.


6.  The last step is enabling connection sharing through your regular network card, which will allow anybody connected to your ad hoc wireless to use your internet connection. To do so, you’ll want to head into the Network and Sharing Center, click the “Change adapter settings” link on the left, and then find your network connection in the list—it’s very important that you only enable internet connection sharing on the adapter that is actually connected to the internet. In this case, my internet access at work goes through my Local Area Connection, so I’ve enabled it there.

At this point, you should be able to connect any wireless device to your new ad hoc network and access the internet, or even share files directly with your laptop.

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