Poor Condition of Rest Stop Areas in Sarawak


I rarely write about infrastructures or places previously. However since I was driving from Bintulu to Kuching (and vice versa) during the trip this early December, the stop that I made at Betong Rest Stop Area (called R&R in peninsular Malaysia) has drive me to write this article.

For your information especially those who have yet to land your foot to Sarawak, there are not that many rest stop areas along Sarawak so called ‘highway’ unlike in the peninsular. The top three most visited rest stop areas would be in Sri Aman junction, Betong and Batu Niah.

The  one below is the Betong Rest Stop Area. Betong rest stop is about 180km from Sibu. Roughly it is a 2 hours drive from Sibu. Betong Rest stop is just next to Betong Petronas Station.


Unlike the counterparts of PLUS R&R in Semenanjung, the maintenance condition and the cleanliness or this rest stop is very poor.

Looking at this poor condition. One cannot stop wondering why can’t Sarawak have the equal or maybe near to the qualities of the R&R in Peninsular. It is something to ponder upon especially to the Federal and the State government.

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