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Score A Program? Should I enroll my kids?


I think some of you us might have heard of Score A Program, but somehow ignore it or have  a second thought  on it. You might have heard it from you colleague, your friends, your family members and even at ‘kedai kopi’. You might have skeptical thoughts whether such program could be trusted or even legal in this countries.

Let me give some brief overview on what Score A program is about. Score A  is about ‘output learning’. What is output learning? In order to understand what Output Learning is, you need to understand what is ‘Input Learning’. Input Learning a traditional way of learning; reading, studying, memorizing, listening and taking notes. This is in fact what most of the average students do, and why they only get average marks in exams at school. So, output learning is in fact  the ability to retrieve the knowledge and apply what you have studied or learnt though several ways; either by doing homework, doing exercises on several topics or even doing some past year exams i.e UPSR, PMR or SPM.


Traditional Book
Kids bored reading books

In the past, where internet is yet to be exist or used widely in this country, student like my self will buy sets of exercises book on several subjects from the bookstores and will complete the exercises with the supervision from parents or family members. It may have work in the past, but time has changed. The mentality of the current generation of students have shifted forward in dramatic ways. Kids are exposed with internet, computer games and Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They would rather spend a lot of their times with these medias rather than spending time with books without internet around them.  Even a 6 month old children can operate an iPad or an Android Tablet.

Infant using computer
Infant using computer


Kids with iPad

So how can Score A help you with the kids. Score A have invested four years of research and development into this ultimate Output Learning™ tool that has been carefully designed to be in line with the school curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. It combine the excitement of internet and computers with traditional way of Output Learning to attract and engage students to ‘once again’ be interested in their studies.

These are several advantage on Score A Program that might be useful for the parent to decide on this matter:

  1. Parent have their own login access to monitor their children progress

    Parent and Student Login
  2. Syllabus are 100% compliance to Ministry of Education and subsequently endorsed and recognized by the Ministry and Government as a tool of learning.
  3. Score A is licensed under KPDNKK and approved as Shariah Compliant product.
  4. e-Kamus. Special dictionary for the students to refer during the exercises.
  5. Report Card. Parent have access to the progress of their children.
  6. SMS Report Card – parent can receive reports on their children progress through mobile phones.
  7. i-Teacher – interactive learning through videos, graphs, forums and on-demand presentation on several topics.
  8. Well established – several success testimonies through mass medias and schools
  9. Cost Saving – compared to traditional tuisyen. (including saving in car fuel and times)
  10. Instant Marking by the system. 
  11. Quality products – well proven by a lot of success stories.


And many more!

So if you’re interested and want the success of your children, please register your interest and we’ll proceed from there.

5 thoughts on “Score A Program? Should I enroll my kids?

  1. Score A Program, the most powerful, interactive learning tool for our kids.

    Change is unavoidable.

    “Ajarlah anak-anakmu, bukan dalam keadaan yang serupa denganmu. Didiklah dan persiapkan lah anak-anakmu untuk suatu zaman yang bukan zamanmu. Anak adalah milik zamannya, MAKA DIDIKLAH ANAK SESUAI ZAMANNYA!”

    Takkan kita nk mereka study mcm kita study dulu, sedangkan zaman skg semua dah online, xde gune buku dah.

    1. abi, thanks. true enough, the time has changes. Parents need to ensure their children is fast enough to adopt the technology especially in education.
      Twitter: asbah30


    1. Score A lebih menarik dan interaktif. Bab pendidikan ni, kalau around RM 60 sebulan dan boleh jadi bawah RM 20 rnggit kalau ramai anak, adalah satu yang relevan la. Jangan diharap sangat benda yang murah, kita pandang kualiti yang ada. Sy suka pilih Score A berbanding Zoom A. Score A ada Past soalan year.

      Call saya untuk melanggan.

    2. Yang sekolah guna tu kebanyakan modul hitam putih biasa je. tidak interaktif, tidak menarik minat pelajar. malahan modul tu pun baru dibina setahun jagung.

      Score A berkualiti lgi, memang interaktif dan menarik. Tak pyah pikir la bab2 MLM, yng penting sy suka anak2 guna Score A. Harga memang berpatutan dah tu.

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